Cefi College



computer laboratory:

Exclusive room with computers linked to the Information Technology Coordination. They will always be available to students and teachers, during the class schedules of regular, extension and other courses provided by the direction of the CEFI College.


unidirectional mirror laboratory:

This laboratory is intended for the practice of psychotherapy and other care related to the area of psychology. It has two rooms, one observation and one service divided by a glass/ mirror, which allows you to view what is happening in the service room, but not the other way around. The observation room is used by the therapeutic team, composed by the supervisor and students. In the other room are the patient (s) and the therapist (s).


anatomy laboratory, human physiology and neuroanatomophysiology:

objective the promotion of practical classes (with mannequins) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and allows the development of projects research to students at Facefi, aiming at the acquisition of knowledge. The main activities are part of the fields of neuroanatomophysiology, promoting the study of the outlines and differentiations of structures related to brain regions.

  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional01
  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional02
  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional03
  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional04
  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional05
  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional06
  • Laboratório de Espelho Unidirecional07
  • Laboratório de Anatomia, Fisiologia Humana e Neuroanatomofisiologia