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Systemic therapy with individuals, couples and families

The CEFI systemic therapy improvement course offers a theoretical-practical formation for work with families from the systemic perspective, understanding the dynamics of family functioning and movements that can transform their relationship patterns, allowing health and education professionals to apply to their knowledge in their professional experience in interventions with families. The course proposes a comprehensive theoretical-practical basis on systemic therapy and its applications, its main schools, methodologies and therapeutic intervention techniques with families, couples and individuals. This training has a qualified and experienced faculty, linked to CEFI and its tradition as a reference institution in systemic therapy and family studies.


Development of knowledge and skills of fundamental and updated theoretical and updated about systemic therapy and its approaches and applications in professional practice, in the contexts of Health and Education.

construction of ample theoretical and methodological repertoire within the field of systemic therapy for work and intervention with families in various contexts; Update on knowledge and research in systemic therapy in its various approaches and applications today in the clinical, social and educational context; Development of essential skills for performance and intervention with families, expanding resources for professionals in these areas.


classes will be taught in online modality, through CEFI's own distance education platform, where multimedia and multimedia teaching materials and Also through virtual classroom by video conferencing, which allows interaction between students and teachers through video and audio devices.


Technical coordination: Adriana Guedes

Administrative coordination: psic. Adriana Zilberman

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Systemic therapy with individuals, couples and families
Enroll in the course
  • Target Audience:

    Professionals and students in the areas of health, law and education

  • Total workload

    210 hours/class

  • Period

    March/2023 to November/2024, with vacation in July and February.


  • Taxa de Matrícula: R$ 198,00

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