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Longevity CEFI

Longevity CEFI

CORE Geriatrics and Gerontology

Brazil is aging and in RS this phenomenon is faster than in the rest of the country. In October 2019 it was identified a historic demographic reversal in RS. For the first time the state has more elderly than children 0-14 years (SeniorLab Market and Consumer 60+). Only the numbers justify longer think in study design and care to this population. But the most important factor is that the elderly population is very diverse and has specific needs quite different from other age group. These differences require study and specialized care, especially when it comes to mental and cognitive health. In addition, age is not an individual process and involves the whole family that will also need our attention, even when aging is healthy.


- To study and discuss healthy aspects and pathological aging, as well as appropriate interventions.

- To disseminate and exchange knowledge about this stage of life with other cores CEFI and professionals in Brazil and abroad.

Members - Team multidiscipline:

Simone Bracht Burmeister- Psychologist, Master in Biomedical Gerontology (PUCRS), Specialist Group Dynamics (SBGG) Group Dynamics Brazilian Society (SBDG). Lecturer and Consultant to prepare for retirement programs. Professor of CEFI. Author of two books on aging:. Family and Elderly - Reflection and Orientation (2013) and Aging Well - Experience, Conflicts and Transformations

Eduardo Hostyn Sabbi- Psychiatrist, Post Graduate in Hospitality Hospital, Master of Health Sciences, UFCSPA, Psychogeriatrics the Coordinator Inst. Abuchaim and CEJBF Professor of IBCMED and CCYM, director-owner of Vitalis Address Senior Advisor and Chairman of the National ABRAz RS ABRAz.

Simone das Neves Assisi- neuropsychologist, Specialization in Psychology Hospital (UFRGS), Master in Health Sciences: Neurosciences (PUCRS), PhD in Biomedical Gerontology (PUCRS), Researcher collaborator Memory Center PUCRS, the Group Neurogeriatrics HCPA and Cerebral Ischemia UFRGS Laboratory. Member of the Committee in Education and Psychology FAPERGS / CAPES Internationalization Program of post-graduate in RS. Reviewer of the Journal of Scientific UFSC, magazine Contexts and Clinical Magazine Notebooks Mental Health Brazilian Mental Health Brazilian Association. Scientific Member of the Institute of Alzheimer's and Parknson of Rio Grande do Sul.

Melchior Paulo Valmorbida -. Geriatra, Geriatra Doctor in the Elderly Reference Center in the city of Canoas / RS, Geriatra of long-stay institutions Medical and Living Well, Vitalis Address Senior and Village Renascence < / p>