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Through the tripod of teaching paradigms, scientific initiation and extension, Facefi proposes that its policies are integrated, contributing to the growth of the academic community and promoting integral formation with quality education in different areas of knowledge.

Thus, it enables adequate training to face the challenges of the profession with competence and ethical principles that meet the demands in the process of developing local, regional and national reality.

The Facefi Psychology Course seeks to meet the demands for psychological care and education in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which has been envocable for many years an educational project aimed at training professionals trained to participate in the work of the psychologist in an innovative way and socially equitable.

The current context of society requires higher education institutions an understanding of the needs of the community and seek knowledge that contributes to problem solving in the most diverse areas and different circumstances.

The CEFI - Family and Individual Studies Center was founded in 1993, pioneering the development of family and couple therapy in Porto Alegre. In 1994 it constituted its department of courses in order to train psychology professionals and related areas, in the various instances of professional practice. In the following years, the then department of courses carried out dozens of educational activities in the areas of mental health, such as psychology, psychiatry, humanities, finally, multiple courses, seminars, workshops, congresses, short or long duration, forming and specializing hundreds of people to the different segments and areas of the sector. Over time the Lato Sensu Graduate Courses (Specialization) courses in different areas, subordinate to the dictates of Resolution No. 14/1977, of the then Federal Council of Education.

In 2015 the CEFI - Family and Individual Studies Center in another innovation and expansion action, created the faculty of CEFI - FACEFI with a view to promoting Higher education courses, with undergraduate and postgraduate lato sensu in the various areas of knowledge.

CEFI - Family and Individual Studies Center is the Facefi maintainer, is headquartered at Address: Carlos Trein Filho N0 34, neighborhood: Auxiliadora, Zip Code: 90450-120, Porto Alegre Municipality-RS .


promote knowledge for personal growth and qualify relationships”

Vision :

“Being recognized as an institution that provides quality education for your academic community projection to the national and international context”.


- Commitment : Responsibility with citizenship actions as a prime value for building a better society;

- Ethics : Fundamental principle for preserving rights, equality and justice in interpersonal relationships;

- Bond Training : Training and maintenance of interpersonal tools to improve relationships;

- Innovation : constant search for improvement and new technologies.


Resolution No. 5 of 15/03/2011 - National Curriculum Guidelines of Psychology Undergraduate Courses, establishing norms for the complementary pedagogical project for the training of psychology teachers.



Authorization of the Psychology Course: Ordinance MEC No. 23, of January 31, 2020.


Strategic Objectives of the CEFI Faculty - Facefi:

i. Promote the institutionalized intellectual production of psychology, through the systematic study of the topics relevant to the scientific and cultural system in the state, national and international scenario;

II. Stimulate cultural creation and the development of scientific spirit and reflective thinking;

III. Form graduates fit for insertion in professional sectors and to participate in the development of Brazilian society, and collaborate in its continuous formation;

IV. Promote the dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge that constitute humanity heritage and communicate knowledge through teaching and extension;

v. To raise the permanent desire for cultural and professional improvement and enable the corresponding realization, integrating the knowledge that is being acquired in a systematizing intellectual structure of the knowledge of each generation;

vi. Encourage knowledge of the problems of the present world, in particular national and regional, to provide specialized services to the community and establish with it a reciprocity relationship;

vii. Promote the extension, open to the participation of the population, aiming at the diffusion of the achievements and benefits resulting from teaching activities.

It is understood that these objectives are fully feasible with the institutional and administrative commitment of the institution, being perfectly attuned to the academic, administrative, financial and institutional conditions.


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Enroll in the course
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