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Supervision Group on Clinical Sexology

Supervision groups are intended to support therapists who want to approach one of the theoretical approaches worked in CEFI-FACEFI. The role of supervisors is to assist in therapeutic work and stimulate for theoretical and personal instrumentalization, always aiming at the growth and evolution of therapists and patients treated.

Supervision is a space for experience exchange and clinical practice, both colleagues and coordination. Therefore, participation in this space proposes to articulate theory and practice from the reports brought by the participants, in order to improve their listening and intervention.


General Objective:

- expand listening and present clinical strategies, as well as appropriate techniques for each situation, if presented.

Specific Objectives:

- develop a listener attentive to sexuality demands, beyond what is being said, but also in what is latent in speech of individuals in emotional suffering, due to some dysfunctionality and/or discomfort in relation to their satisfaction and sexual health.


Cases presented, suggestion of readings and analysis from the experience report.


enhance your care with a focus on human sexuality, listen, welcome and realize how much your questions are influencing the therapeutic process, as well as seeking resources For the relief of anguish and anxiety of many professionals who have difficulty or want to expand the management in the theme of sexuality.

Supervision Group on Clinical Sexology
  • Target Audience:

    Psychologists and doctors who care for patients with sexuality demands.

  • Period

    3 month contract