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Psychological evaluation

Psychotherapy is a process by which a skilled professional will use different, scientifically based techniques to help you deal with problems, difficulties and sufferings that can affect people's lives at different times in the life cycle. CEFI offers individual, group, family and couple psychotherapy services, serving children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. These modalities of care apply to various situations such as grief, drug use, relational and family conflicts, and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolarity, among others. To help you define which form of psychotherapy will best suit you and your needs, care always begins with a screening process. In this screening, a professional will help identify your need, and will indicate the therapist and modality most appropriate for you. In addition to the modalities of psychotherapy care, CEFI also offers psychological assessment services for different purposes, psychiatric assessment, nutrition care and addiction consultancy.

Why do therapy at CEFI?

The differential of the psychological care of CEFI is the quality. All services are supported by our teams, research centers and technical improvement, which provide continuous support to therapists. This support ensures the qualification of our professionals and the services offered at the institution.

CEFI also has different types of care that will be indicated, as needed by the triagologist psychologist, in their first care: Thus, we can customize the care and always offer what is most appropriate to the specific needs. of our customers.
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