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Treatment and management for substance use disorder - TUS

The World Drug Report (2021) says 275 million people have consumed drugs and more than 36 million suffered from consumption disorders. There is no doubt that the current conjuncture we are living in this period of Pandemia of COVID-19 have intensified the vulnerability of individuals and contributed exponentially to increased use.


CEFI has a specialized, multidisciplinary team for outpatient treatment to patients and their families, with substance use disorder. The therapeutic plan consists of:

Psychiatric Evaluation

Individual Psychotherapy for the identified patient

Multifamily Group

Relapse Prevention Group



Offer people suffering from substance use disorder and their families the multidisciplinary outpatient treatment.



The proposal is to make the integration of different care that we consider necessary to care for patients and families suffering from the disorder due to substance use.


Psychiatric evaluation: Mondays or Thursdays (monthly)

Multifamily Group - Tuesdays (19h30 to 21h - Tuesday - Biwear)

Individual Psychotherapy - Monday, Wednesday or Fridays - Billion

Relapse Prevention - Thursday (19h to 20h30) - Billleach