Cefi College

Systemic Therapy


The Center for Family and Individual Studies (CEFI) was founded in 1985 and had Systemic Theory as its main approach based on clinical care, teaching and research. Throughout this history of over thirty years, the institution has grown and this reality has changed. In this journey, different approaches were incorporated into the scope of the clinic and the systemic therapists realized the need to form and delineate the identity of the nucleus that would represent them. We have as objectives the updating, growth and dissemination of the Systemic Theory in Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil; increase the number of research and publications in the area and thus broaden the scope of the approach within and outside mental health spaces. In addition, as a Clinical School Nucleus, we wish to reinforce our role of social responsibility towards the community in which we operate; enable high quality psychological support services for all family settings that need help.