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Level 1 Training: “Extership”: Therapy focused on emotions with couples (EFT)

Class 5 | Hybrid
Level 1 Training: “Extership”: Therapy focused on emotions with couples (EFT)

Explaining the course

"Extership" is the first official level of official training in Dr. EFT's emotions (EFT) model. Sue Johnson (Canada), and consists of a 4 -day training, which presents the model theoretical bases, explains the footsteps of therapy, presents clinical videos, as well as practical exercises of EFT and Role Plays skills and techniques. Participants practice basic interventions in small groups, with immediate feedback from other therapists trained in the model.

This training takes place in several countries and is recognized by the International Institute for EFT Excellence ( Iceeft ), Founded by Dr. Sue Johnson. When completing the 4 days of training, a certificate of 28 continuing education credits is provided and can be used for certification as an EFT therapist with the International Institute for EFT Excellence (to make sure the model is required to complete more Requirements. For more certification information, go to Iceft page ).

Emotions focused Therapy (EFT)

A DRA. Susan Johnson (Canada) was one of the main creators of emotions focused (EFT) in the 1980s, a model based mainly on attachment theory developed by psychiatrist John Bowlby (England). It is an originally created therapy for working with couples, but can also be applied to individual and family therapy. As a therapeutic model, EFT consists of a systemic, humanist and experiential approach, as well as being considered a brief and directive therapy. It is an evidence -based therapy with over 30 years of strict studies and investigations that support its effectiveness and show how the improvements obtained are maintained over time.

to EFT, instead of trying to resolve or learn to negotiate conflict, it is an approach that seeks to explore and deepen vulnerable emotions and fears that were not expressed and that holds the couple in a negative cycle and recursive, enabling corrective emotional and interaction patterns that strengthen attachment bonds, emotional regulation, generating a direct impact on the emotional health of couples.

The investment includes:

- 4-day training

- participant's manual in Portuguese (printed)

Cancellation Policy:

cancellation until 08/11/2022 will be returned 70% of the value.

cancellation until 24/09/2022 will be returned 50% of the value.

cancellation from 25/09/2022, there will be no return (Obs. You can transfer the inscription to someone else or to future date).

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Giulia Altera (Itália)

Giulia Altera (Itália)

Psychologist, President EFT Italia, Community Leader and co-founder of the EFT Italia Community for Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, Certified International Therapist in Schema Therapy, Master in Criminal Psychology. Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor and Trainee in Training by the International Center for Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). Conducts group supervisions in Italy and other countries and mini-courses for EFT Therapist training who want to lead “Hold me Tight®” groups. She also has specialized training in trauma treatment and dissociative disorders with Dr. Kathy Steele (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation), currently working in private practice, mainly with couples therapy, and particularly with couples. of people who have survived trauma, LGBT couples and emotional and relational difficulties.


In EFT training you will have:

  1. Clearly presented and explained clinical theory and techniques.

  2. training in clinical skills and practical and experiential exercises.

  3. observation of video recorded sessions and a live couple session.


Participants may:

  1. Get a clear understanding of systemic concepts and basic experiences of emotions focused on couples.

  2. conceptualize the couple's anguish and repair the relationship based on attachment and emotion theory.

  3. Develop therapeutic skills to help couples change the emotional responses that lead to relational distress and that maintains the repetitive negative cycle of interaction.

  4. help couples shape a new standard of interaction and union events.

  5. Supervision during roleplay practices and exercises.

  • Target Audience:

    Psychologists, doctors and couple therapists

  • Total workload

    28 h/a

  • Period

    From 26 to 29 October


  • Alunos de Pós Graduação e professores CEFI / FACEFI: 10% desconto | Desconto à Vista: 5%
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