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Multifamily training in emotional deregulation skills

Multifamily training in emotional deregulation skills

The proposal for this course is to assist patients with emotional deregulation and their relatives to develop skills that assist in understanding this experience: comprising as such a framework of emotional deregulation, which functions of emotions and how to identify them; And also developing skills that assist in the management of this experience: how to be effective in relationships, such as solving problems, such as not following the thrust of emotion and tolerate malaise. The multifamily skill workout is important because it trains not only the patient, as well as its main support network, favoring that a climate of more effectiveness and connection in the family.

The experience of a person with emotional deregulation may be unbearable to be lived without the use of skills. The family often also ends up getting sick by seeing his family suffering and having difficulty handling the situation. This course will provide the development of skills that will help the patient and their family understand this experience and how to manage it towards a life that is worth being lived.

CEFI is an institution that already works with specialized approaches to the treatment of people with emotional deregulation and group driving since 2016. CEFI constantly seeks to keep up-to-date in this type of approach bringing internationally recognized teachers in the area to form CEFI therapists.

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  • Target Audience:

    Adolescents suffering from emotional deregulation and family members who want to develop dialectical behavioral therapy skills (DBT) to deal better with their difficult emotions and situations of life.

  • Total workload

    24h / a

  • Period

    Home: May 3

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