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Dialectic Behavior Therapy Skills Training Group for adults

Dialectic Behavior Therapy Skills Training Group for adults

Do you want to learn to deal with emotions better? The Dialectic Behavior Therapy Skills Training Group is indicated for cases of emotional dysregulation. The work is aimed at the general public who want to develop these skills. It is also aimed at those who have Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolarity, Chemical Dependency, Depression and Eating Disorders.
The group is 6 months long and will always happen on Thursdays: in the afternoon from 13:30 to 16: 45 and at night from 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm. Interested parties should schedule an interview to learn information and training objectives. Places are limited. Learn more at (51) 99888.0703 or (51) 99819.2528


Ana Paula Domeneghini

Ana Paula Domeneghini

Psychologist (PUCRS - CRP 07/23571). Licensed in Dance (UFRGS). Specialization in progress in contextual behavioral therapies (CEFI). Specialist in individual, conjugal and family systemic therapy (CEFI). He acts as a clinical psychologist with individual, family and conjugal service. Member of the CEFI Team Contextus.

Vanessa Stechow - 07/05471

Vanessa Stechow - 07/05471

Psychologist (PUCRS). MBA in People Management with emphasis on Strategy (FGV / RS), Didata in Group Dynamics (SBDG) and qualification as PDA Analyst (Personal Development Analysis). International Training in Organizational Executive Coaching - Transformational Ontological Methodology with Leonardo Wolk, Leader Coach by ICI and The Coaching Clinic - Corporate Coach U. Training in Team Coaching with John Leary-Joyce (Academy of Executive Coaching - England), Coaching Course Team with Áurea Castilhos and Coaching Courses with Rosemary Napper (England). Training in Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Centro). Specialization in Third Generation Contextual Behavioral Therapies (CEFI / CIPCO). Complementary training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He works in the clinical area with adults, adolescents and couples with a focus on Contextual Therapies. He is a member of the CEFI Contextus team. He was a professor at Universities PUCRS (1999), Integrated Universities Cândido Rondon / MT (2001) and La Salle Businnes School / RS, at the MBA in People Management and Coach Leadership (2015 and 2016). She is Coordinator and Facilitator of Training in Group Dynamics - SBDG.





"For me the DBT skills training group was very useful and I highly recommend it. The skills we learned during the group helps in everyday life, in any emotion and / or problem, learn and put into practice almost instantly those skills, it's fantastic! "



  • Target Audience:

    General public that you want to develop these skills and people with borderline personality disorder, bipolarity, chemical dependence, depression and eating disorders.

  • Total workload

    24 weeks (Approximately 6 months)

  • Period

    January 2020 to January 2021