• Target Audience:

    Teenagers between 13 and 19 years old

  • Total workload

    6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

  • Period

    Beginning May 7, 2020

Adolescence is a phase marked by intense physical, emotional and intellectual changes. For some adolescents, the search for an identity and increased social interaction may be accompanied by psychological distress and risky behavior. Already seen as a stage of oscillations, some adolescents demonstrate feeling the highest emotional intensity, impulsivity, and difficulties with interpersonal relationships. When frequent, these characteristics can significantly impair the quality of life, in addition to causing problems for both you and your family.

These difficulties are part of what we know as Emotional Deregulation, which consists of a great sensitivity to intense emotions and a slow return to a state of calm, associated with a difficulty in modulating emotions and responding to them in an effective and appropriate way. to the situation.

The Skills Training Group for Teenagers is a 14-week course in which we seek to develop new strategies to deal with emotions and problems from day to day, through a theoretical and experiential course in which the essential skills, divided into 4 modules: Full Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Tolerance to malaise and Interpersonal Effectiveness, designed to help teenagers, emphasizing the balance between acceptance and change in promoting a life that is worth living. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the therapeutic approach used and widely recognized as effective in the treatment of Emotional Deregulation, perceived in disorders such as depression and anxiety, social phobia and in conditions where there are risky behaviors, such as problematic substance use, eating disorders, self-mutilation , aggressiveness, among other difficulties.


For more information and registration contact Vanessa Stechow: 51-99865.8039 or José Ignacio Cruz Gaitán: 51-98904.6660


We suggest that the teenagers' parents and / or family members participate in the Parent and / or Family Skills Training group, which will start in late May 2020.