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DBT PE Study Group

Hello! I am Vanessa Stechow, a specialist psychologist in contextual behavioral therapies and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

I was recently conducted intensive training in DBT DBT DBT exposure for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with melanie Harned and Annie McCall. Melanie was the creator, researcher and creator of this method of trauma treatment with dialectical behavioral therapy. Protocol this focused on patients with high risk and multiple diagnostics.

In the same training was launched the melanie book translated into Portuguese: "Treating trauma with dialectical behavioral therapy" (HARNED, 2023).

Therefore, from my experience I felt motivated to form and facilitate a group that aims to study this book. My commitment is to provide exchanges, contribute to my understandings and be willing to learn from everyone.


Study Group focused on psychologists and psychiatrists with the objective of reading, exchanges and deepening of prolonged exposure protocol of DBT for stress disorder after post -Traumatic (PTSD) and possible application of it in clinical practice.


The great differential is to be conducted by a facilitator who learned the protocol with the creator of the methodology.

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DBT PE Study Group
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