Postgraduate course in food equilibrium begins in CEFI

With enthusiasm, desire for learning, new knowledge and practical skills. Thus, on 9 April began on 9 April, the second graduate class in food equilibrium with emphasis on the contextual behavioral therapies of the CEFI. The technical coordination of the course is of the Nutritionist Letícia Christianetti and the faculty is composed of more than 20 specialist teachers, masters and doctors in the areas of disciplines.

The differentials of this expertise, explains, Letícia, involves the programmatic content, the faculty and the supervised stage, being this class the first of Brazil to have this feature, further qualifying students for efficient clinical practice.

"Our second class arrived with everything! A perfect multidisciplinary team counting on psychologists, physical educator, nutritionists and an endocrinologist. The exchanges were rich and surely will be more a group of students who will have the honor to form with great dedication. , love and relevant content for professional practice and more effective interventions for food balance, "said the coordinator.

Postgraduate stakeholders can still sign up to In this link and ensure the latest vacancies.